The Pelagos small islands
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The Pelagos small islands

Dates / Project duration

January 2024 - March 2026 / 27 months


In progress


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Although islands cover only 5% of the Earth's surface, they are home to 20% of the Earth's species and 600 million people depend on their ecosystem services for their sustainable development. The fact that they are islands is a strength, because the need to use their resources in a finite environment is a fertile ground for technical, technological and social innovation.
The islands of the Pelagos Sanctuary can play a leading role and act as a laboratory. Ensuring the good ecological status of an island and implementing appropriate solutions to strengthen its resilience in the face of climate change requires, even more than for other territories, participatory governance levers that must be maintained over the long term to implement and achieve a shared vision. As a source of inspiration, small islands will be at the centre of exchanges with other regions facing similar challenges.

The project will create a network of key local stakeholders on the islands: institutions, politicians, managers, associations and the private sector, who will meet to discuss the themes of the Pelagos Sanctuary Management Plan and this call for proposals, namely blue carbon issues, conservation and restoration measures to protect marine mammals, reduce pollution, protect ecosystems, especially Posidonia beds, and raise public awareness. Overall, the resilience of these areas in the face of climate change will be increased and this will feed into discussions at sanctuary level.

This close collaboration between the Pelagos Flagship Islands will allow the testing of practical and replicable solutions in the fight against climate change.