Climate Action

Within the framework of the Pelagos Initiative, the UBS Optimus Foundation and UBS Monaco are joining forces with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to support projects within the Sanctuary with a specific focus on climate action.

The Mediterranean basin has been identified as climate-risk hotspot by the IPCC, with air and sea temperatures increasing quicker than in other areas, and with increasingly frequent marine heat waves, droughts and coastal floodings. When working efficiently, marine protected areas could be nature-based solutions for climate adaptation, providing climate refugia and increasing the resilience of marine organisms and ecosystems to climate change. The higher the protection, the better will organisms and ecosystems be able to cope and continue to sustain productive fishing grounds and other ecosystem services. In addition to protecting ecosystems, restoring degraded habitats, including blue carbon habitats such as Posidonia seagrass beds can be part of the equation to adapt to climate change. More recently, the value of preserving large marine mammals such as whales has been put forward.

A specific call for climate projects is currently open until 20 May 2024.