Explore Pelagos
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Explore Pelagos

Dates / Project duration

January 2022 - December 2024 / 3 years


In progress


Pelagos Sanctuary

Project leader(s)

Miraceti ?


Explore Pelagos is a three-week scientific expedition with four stopovers in the Sanctuary area, in France, Monaco and Italy. The scientific mission will collect data on the species and anthropic activities, as well as train and raise awareness among local actors (institutions, managers, professionals, etc.); the stopovers will be an opportunity to organise round tables between all the actors on the priority conservation issues of the Sanctuary's cetaceans, the needs, the prospects for action and collaboration, and to raise awareness among the general public and young people. A documentary on the expedition will be produced and widely distributed in order to present the challenges of cetacean conservation in the Pelagos Sanctuary as well as the actions implemented by the Sanctuary, its partners and local actors.