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Dates / Project duration

April 2024 - March 2027 / 3 years


In progress


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The Adapt-Pelagos project aims to promote existing best practices in the blue economy in order to facilitate the adoption of available solutions by local stakeholders in the Pelagos Sanctuary. One of the Blue Plan's main missions is to support the transition towards a green and blue economy. The Blue Plan has recently published several documents on existing good practices in the Mediterranean concerning the priority themes identified in the management and action plan of the Pelagos Agreement (2022-2027): "Pelagos against pollution" and "Slow Tourism". As part of the Adapt-Pelagos project, Plan Bleu is proposing to organise capitalisation and capacity-building workshops for local stakeholders in the Pelagos Sanctuary on the following topics:

1. Sustainability of cruises and yachting.
2. Sustainable tourism and adaptation to climate change and integrated coastal zone management (ICZM).
3. Carrying capacity, marine protected areas.
4. Blue economy indicators.

Each workshop will comprise the following stages:
1. Identification of needs and good practices already underway in the Sanctuary area. The Blue Plan and the LabHomer laboratory at the University of Toulon will carry out research and contact key players, and prepare a framework note for the three thematic workshops.
2. Organise the workshops in collaboration with the key players, depending on the theme.
3. Preparation and publication of a Workshop Report.